FB high drama on trial in Scott and Sadie's Life Court!

Here is Friday's Life Court...

Scott and Sadie,

I know this is so 2021 unnecessary drama, but it bothers me and I thought I would ask your listeners in Life Court.

I work in a team with three other people. The four of us are about as close as co-workers can be. We don't hang out at each other's house - we see each other socially maybe a couple of times a year - but for co-workers, I'd say we're solid.

Two weeks ago, they fired one of the people on our team. "Downsized." I texted back and forth with him and offered assistance in any way. He was very appreciative. And then he dropped me on Facebook.

He didn't drop the other two people on our team. Just me.

I realize the adult thing to do would be to call or text him, but I'm confused and kind of hurt.

So in Life Court, ask your listeners how they would handle the situation.



Okay, what's your advice for Anonymous in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

Here's what the social media judges are saying...

Hear Scott and Sadie try the case on the radio here...

FB high drama on trial in Scott and Sadie's Life Court!

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