Did he make it right? You decide in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

Here is Wednesday's Life Court...

Scott and Sadie,

We have one for Life Court and it takes some explaining - so Scott will call me a Jeopardy contestant.

Two weekends ago, we were cleaning the house for a dinner party when our vacuum died. It was old and we knew it was bound to happen. But we didn't have time to run and buy a new one before our guests got there, so we borrowed the neighbor's vacuum - a really nice Dyson.

We got the house cleaned and the party was nice. The next morning as I was returning the neighbors vacuum, I tripped, fell, and busted the clear plastic tank on his nice Dyson. I take the busted Dyson back to our house so I could order the right part number and then walked back to the neighbor's, told him what happened and that I would "make it right."

He was completely understanding.

We liked the vacuum so much that we went to Costco's website and ordered one just like it for ourselves. A couple days later, I get an email that the UPS man had delivered our new Dyson. I get home, but there is no vacuum on the front porch. So I call UPS. Sure enough, they delivered it. We were the victim of porch pirates!

The very next day the replacement part for my neighbor's vacuum shows up. I put the new tank on his Dyson and walk it next door to him. I rang the bell. He opened the door and there he was, vacuuming with a brand new Dyson. He said, "I saw the UPS guy deliver the vacuum to your house yesterday, so I just grabbed it off your porch. THANKS for making it right!"

He saw that I was holding his old vacuum and he said, "You can keep that - throw it away - whatever." I was dumbfounded. I didn't know what to say. So I went back to my house. The repaired Dyson works fine. But the new Dyson was for US. My wife thinks I should go to the neighbor and get our new vacuum and give him his repaired vacuum. But I'm torn - I didn't say I would repair his vacuum, I said I would "make it right."

After all, I broke his vacuum, and if you break it, you buy it. I'd like to hear what your listeners think in Life Court.


Kim and Christopher

Okay, what's your advice for Kim and Christopher in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

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