Samples Are Officially Back at Costco

I honestly got a Costco membership a few years back for two reasons... One, the hot dogs at the snack bar, and two, the free samples. Well, the pandemic ruined the latter, but as we start getting back to normal, the samples are returning, baby!

The warehouse chain announced that it's "beginning a phased return to full sampling" after a 14-month hiatus. Roughly 170 US locations will bring back food samples in the first week of June, with "most of the remaining locations" returning toward the end of June, said Costco Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti.

Safety protocols are in place, including samples being prepared behind plexiglass, and made in smaller batches, and distributed to customers one at a time.

Food court seating is also back! Costco is also adding new and improved churros to their food court menu, which will be available by July 4. New ice cream is also replacing its frozen yogurt this summer.

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