GOOD VIBES - Fallen Firefighter's Coworkers Go to His Daughter's Graduation

Every weekday Shawn Patrick sheds some light on some good news with His Good Vibes Story. Here is today's...

A teen who lost her father during a shooting at a Los Angeles County fire station shooting graduated from high school days later with hundreds of his colleagues there to support her. When Joslyn Carlon and her family arrived at her graduation, close to 300 firefighters from the Los Angeles County Fire Department and from other departments were standing at attention outside the ceremony.

Tory Carlon was fatally shot at Fire Station 81 in Agua Dulce, California, last Tuesday and his daughter, Joslyn, walked across the stage to get her diploma from Saugus High School with his fire jacket draped over her shoulders. And when her name was called, those same 300 firefighters clapped and cheered for her.

It was an emotional moment when she accepted her diploma, but the crowd of her dad’s “fire family” was there to help. “Joslyn’s father couldn’t be here, so we’re here in his place,” explains Chief Nick Berkuta.

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