A Woman Got Stuck in a Folding Chair While Making...

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Just a reminder that other people's kinks are weirder than anything you can think up: There's a 27-year-old woman in Ann Arbor, Michigan who goes by Sydney Jo on TikTok. And she makes money posting something called "stuck" videos.

She films herself getting stuck in different ways. For example, she might get her knee wedged between two metal poles in a fence, and have to use oil to get it out. And people pay TWO DOLLARS A MINUTE to watch it.

But now she's going viral after she got her whole body stuck in a FOLDING CHAIR last week, and couldn't get unstuck.

She somehow wedged herself into a six-inch space between the bottom of the seat and one of the crossbars connecting two legs. So the whole chair was stuck around her waist. (Here's a photo.)

After 30 minutes, her fans online told her she might need to call for help. So she did . . . and firefighters had to use the JAWS OF LIFE to get her out.

She says fans of "stuck" videos want it all to seem real, but that getting unstuck is also part of it. So they didn't actually like seeing her in trouble. But still, she said it was probably the best video she's ever done. 


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