Are holiday weddings rude? You decide in Scott and Sadie's Life Court.

Life Court

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Here is Thursday's Life Court...

Scott and Sadie,

My friends are getting married on July 3. That means I have to be in town for their wedding. And because I'm a good friend (but not good enough to be in the wedding party) I need to be there and I need to stay late into the night.

That means I can't go to the cabin. I mean sure, I can leave Sunday morning or late Saturday night, but that means instead of having a four day weekend (Friday-Monday) I have a 2-day weekend.

I'm going. There's no way out of it. But I'm annoyed. My friend who's getting married thinks it's great! The way she sees it, now people will have something fun and exciting to do July 4th weekend. Watch her get married!

Am I just being a crank? Or is it genuinely rude to hold a wedding over a holiday weekend?



Okay, what's your advice for Anonymous in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

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