Which Age Range Represents the "Best Years of Your Life"?

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You know how people reference "the best years of our lives"? There's a lot of talk about it in high school yearbooks . . . but it's possible that you haven't even reached those years yet. There was even a movie called"The Best Years of Our Lives", which came out in 1946. (If you saw it in theaters, you've definitely reached your best years.)

A new poll asked people which decade represented OR will represent their best years and . . . 

. . . the biggest group, 24%, said their 30s. 

. . . 21% said their 20s

. . . 15% said their 40s

. . . 9% said their 50s

. . . 7% said their 60s

. . . 6% said "Under 20"

. . . 2% said their 70s

. . . and 1% said their 80s.

Interestingly, when you break it down by age, the majority of people seemed to choose their current age as their "best years," which is cool. Even among those 55 and older, 35% said their best years would be their 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s.


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Which Age Range Represents the "Best Years of Your Life"?

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