The Tattoos Each State Gets More Than Others - What the Heck, Wyoming?

A tattoo artist preparing to tattoo a man's bare arm, close-up

Photo: Getty Images

The problem with tattoos is that they're basically FOREVER, and what might be cool in the moment . . . may NOT be cool in the future. And even IN the moment, what may be cool in one area may seem strange in another.

Someone crunched the data and put together a list of the tattoos each state gets more than any other, and here are some states with INTERESTING tastes:

Arizona gets Shia LaBeouf tattoos. He's not even from Arizona.

Wyoming is getting "coronavirus" tattoos, and Maine is also getting "Covid" tattoos.

Washington gets fly tattoos . . . and Georgia gets dolphins.

Kentucky gets Disney characters.

Some states are known for their placement. Utah gets tattoo eyeliner, while Nebraska gets finger tattoos. New Mexico gets more "fake tattoos." I'm assuming those are temporary tats . . . not the word "fake" actually tattooed.

See the full map here.

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