Colorado's 'Slice of Hell' House Quickly Sells Above Asking Price

Photo: PPMLS

The home that has kind of become the cover art for the wild real estate market we are facing in Colorado is not only sold, but sold above asking price.

The heavily damaged Colorado Springs home, marketed as “a slice of hell,” sold for "well above its asking price" and in less than a week after the property’s listing went viral nationwide.

According to The Denver Channel:

“It was insane,” said Mimi Foster, a local Realtor with 30 years of experience. “Over a three-day period, we had over 500 text messages, 300 emails, 22 actual offers in hand and about 50 text offers.”
On Saturday morning alone, the property listing had more than 807,000 clicks on Redfin.

Although it's selling price has not been announced publicly, with that kind of interest, and an asking price of $590,000, one would think it was well over $600,000.

Time to move to Alabama?!

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