The only sibling NOT in the wedding is an issue for Life Court!

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Here is Wednesday's Life Court...

Scott and Sadie,

I come from a family of four kids (me & three siblings) my youngest brother is getting married this fall. I live in FoCo and my parents, youngest brother & his fiancé just came to visit me and through different conversations surrounding wedding details, I pieced together that I am not in the wedding.

My other siblings are in the wedding and even some in-laws as well. Basically, everyone except me. I have good relationships with my siblings and their spouses, no falling-outs or animosity (at least I thought I did) but this seems like a pretty big middle finger to me. It's honestly pretty embarrassing.

A conversation was never even had with me in regard to this, I just got to piece this together through various conversations on my own. So, my question in Life Court is this...I do not want to be embarrassed at this wedding with various family & friends, so is this an acceptable reason for not attending the wedding? Or am I being just petty?



Okay, what's your advice for T in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

Here's what the social media judges are saying...

Hear Scott and Sadie try the case on the radio here...

The only sibling NOT in the wedding is an issue for Life Court!

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