Wingstop Is Launching a New Offshoot Called "Thighstop"

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his sounds like an exercise product that stops your thighs from expanding. But it actually does the opposite . . .

Wingstop is launching a new offshoot business called THIGHSTOP that sells chicken thighs instead of wings.

There's a nationwide wing shortage, and wholesale prices are three times what they were a year ago. But big meaty thighs are still abundant and half the price. So that's why they're doing it.

You can't actually GO to a Thighstop restaurant. They're running it as a virtual "ghost kitchen." So you have to go, or order through DoorDash. Then Wingstop does the cooking. It's more of a marketing thing than a real restaurant.

The menu is pretty simple . . . just thighs, boneless thighs, and all the same flavors Wingstop has.

The CEO of Wingstop admits it might be a hard sell at first, because thighs aren't as popular as wings and breasts. But he thinks that can change, and says thighs "just don't get the appreciation they deserve." 


Rapper RICK ROSS owns a bunch of Wingstop locations, and he's in Thighstop's first ad that they posted on Twitter.

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Wingstop Is Launching a New Offshoot Called "Thighstop"

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