Bitterness about Step Dads? You decide in Life Court!

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Here is Thursday's Life Court...

Scott and Sadie,

I want you to know I have been thinking about this since Sunday morning. I may come off bitter but I'm not. My husband and I got divorced five years ago (married too young) and things are ... ok. We have done a great job with our kids and both of us are now remarried.

Father's day morning I post a beautiful note on Facebook about what a great dad my ex is and he thanks me and I don't mention anything about their Stepdad ... it wasn't Step Dad's day and that was it.

Later in the day, I notice that my Husband's ex wife posts a message about her fiancé and what a great Dad he is for Father's Day. NOT STEP DADS DAY KAREN!!! My husband acted like he wasn't hurt but I can tell he was. I think it's very disrespectful if the father is involved in the kids' life that he doesn't get the DAD credit on Father's Day.

In Life Court, am I right, or am I just bitter about step-dads?



Okay, what's your advice for Loretta in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

Here's what the social media judges are saying...

Hear Scott and Sadie try the case on the radio here...

Bitterness about Step Dads? You decide in Life Court!

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