A fitness watch = a couple's fight on Life Court!

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Here is Friday's Life Court...

Scott and Sadie,

My husband's fitness watch is driving me CRAZY! Last year, my husband and I decided to make a lifestyle change in the pandemic and work on our fitness. We stopped drinking and started making better choices with food, diet, and exercise.

To help us in our goal and to help hold us accountable, we both got Garmin fitness watches. It's been GREAT! Except that my husband has gone overboard (in my opinion) with this. Let me explain. He never takes the watch off. I mean NEVER! He wants every step, every movement to count toward his fitness chart.

We've had to turn around on the highway because he's forgotten the watch on the charger. We've been getting intimate and he'll STOP if he's not already wearing it and run grab his watch saying he wants CREDIT for these calories he's burning and to monitor his heart rate!! Nothing kills a mood quicker than a guy who STOPS what he's doing to grab a stupid watch off the counter!

I love our new healthy approach to life, but I need him to take it down a notch. I've tried telling him it's not THAT important and even though he's not getting "credit" for his movements, his body is still benefitting.

Will this excitement over a watch die out? How would you suggest I handle this? I don't want to kill his spirit, but I just need him to not put SO MUCH value in a watch. I'd appreciate any advice in Life Court.



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A fitness watch = a couple's fight on Life Court!

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