STANDBY PLEASE: Here Come the Fireworks...

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It seems a tad early for stories about FIREWORKS. But I guess we're itching to get back out there . . .

A bunch of kids walked into a store near Minneapolis on Monday and started setting off fireworks INSIDE the store.

The place sells them. So they found the fireworks section and set a whole shelf of them on fire.

Someone got it on video before firefighters put it out. Then cops caught up with the kids about a half-mile away.

It's not clear what kind of charges they're facing, but they caused a lot of damage. And the store was still closed yesterday afternoon. Luckily no one was hurt though.

Unfortunately, we can't say the same about this next story: A guy near Allentown, Pennsylvania was driving around throwing fireworks from his truck on Sunday night . . . and was SERIOUSLY hurt when he held onto one a little too long.

We won't go into detail, because it's pretty grizzly . . . but it sounds like he might be left-handed now. It's not clear if he'll also face charges or not. 


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STANDBY PLEASE: Here Come the Fireworks...

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