WE LIKE THIS LADY: A Principal Was Caught...

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Every kid who hears this story will say, "Best principal EVER!" But parents might not agree . . .

Stacy Goldstein is the head of a public school in New York City called School of the Future. And she's catching heat after she tried to end their school year a WEEK EARLY.

She sent an email to parents last Thursday, letting them know there wouldn't be any in-person classes OR remote learning this week . . . which is their last week before summer.

But she said kids still needed to sign in each day from home to satisfy attendance requirements.

A lot of parents had issues with it. Partly because they didn't have time to plan, and because kids ALREADY had a limited school year. So why cut it down even more?

Someone above Stacy got wind of it and nixed the decision. So the school IS open this week after all.

Stacy had to send out another email last Friday to let parents know their kids WEREN'T getting an early summer break. She apologized and called the whole thing a "miscommunication." 

(NY Post)

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WE LIKE THIS LADY: A Principal Was Caught...

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