THE LIST: The Top 10 Things on America's Bucket List

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What's on America's "bucket list" . . . meaning stuff you want to do before you KICK the bucket? A new poll just came out, but not everything on it is traditional bucket list stuff. It more like our top life goals.

For example, #1 on the list is to LOSE WEIGHT . . . not really the type of thing you associate with a last hurrah. But 7,000 people were polled. Here are the top life goals or "bucket list" items we want to get done in our lifetime . . .

1. Lose weight or get healthier. 41% of us want to do it.

2. Travel to an exotic location, 35%.

3. Achieve a wealth goal, like paying off student debt. 29%.

4. See one of the natural wonders, 28%. Like the Northern Lights or Grand Canyon.

5. Own your own home, 27%.

6. Change someone's life for the better, 27%.

7. Get married, 22%.

8. Learn another language, 19%.

9. Have kids, 17%.

10. Start your own business, 15%. Also, 13% of us want to meet a specific celebrity . . . 12% want to go to a specific concert . . . another 12% hope to write a novel someday . . . and 10% of us want to invent something. 


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THE LIST: The Top 10 Things on America's Bucket List

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