Colorado Uber Driver Busted Doing 102 MPH with a Passenger in the Car


Photo: Getty Images

Most of us have had rides in an Uber or a taxi that were a little frightening, but I can say I have never seen this before!

An Uber driver in Colorado was busted doing 102 MPH. 37 MPH over the speed limit... With a passenger!

According to KDVR:

“As our agent approached, they saw a ride-share sticker on the back, and sure enough, it was someone driving for a ride-share company,” Lakewood Police spokesperson John Romero said. “With a passenger in the back nonetheless, going 102 miles an hour.”
Romero said Sylla was cited for going 37 mph over the speed limit, a six-point offense. A citation obtained by the An Uber driver has been cited for speeding after Lakewood Police say they clocked him at 102 mph with a passenger in the car. shows Sylla was also cited for no proof of insurance, a four-point violation.

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