She's tired of the sob stories. It's a case in Scott and Sadie's Life Court

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Here is Monday's Life Court...

Scott and Sadie,

I have been friends with "Amanda" since high school. We are both in our 40s now. We have been through marriages and dating and kids together and we chat probably once a week or so.

Her mom has been sick for a while and over the last few years and the conversations have gotten away from her fun memories and silly stories and have been more and more about her mom's health. I know it's overwhelming as I lost my mom about 10 years ago. I listen to her long stories and I feel sometimes like she doesn't even know that I'm listening she just wants to talk. Which is OK and I understand.

But in the last few months, it has changed. Her mom is in hospice and every day she fills up my voicemail or calls me and keeps me on the phone for 45 minutes talking about the latest development. I know that a good friend will listen even if it's not easy but I am getting near my limit. I want my friend back who is fun and funny and yes I will be sympathetic and understanding and I will never say anything to her about it so she will never know.

But I feel guilty. Am I a terrible person for getting tired of hearing about this every day? Do I dare ever say anything to her about it? Am I a terrible friend? I'd like advice in Life Court.


Okay, what's your advice for Anonymous in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

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