THE LIST: Five Household Items You Might Be Using Wrong

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Is it possible you've been using a common product WRONG your whole life? Here are a few things you might not know about five common household items . . .

1. Plungers. Those red, bell-shaped ones are for sinks and tubs. For toilets, you need the kind with a flange at the end that fits into the opening at the bottom of the bowl. Or get one of those "bellows plungers" that look like an accordion.

2. Stainless steel pans. Most people don't know you can season them like a skillet, so they're easier to clean. Just coat the inside with oil. Then put it on medium-high heat for a few minutes . . . let it cool down . . . and dump the extra oil out.

3. Phone chargers. Leaving your phone plugged in all night is hard on the battery, because as soon as the power dips, it starts to "trickle charge." So it's better to charge it during the day and unplug it when it's done.

4. The drawer under your oven. A lot of people assume it's for storing pans. But look close. It might be a broiler or a warming drawer.

5. Toilet paper rolls. Should the paper go over or under? Illustrations from a 1891patent show it going OVER THE TOP, not under. So that was the original intention.

It's also a little more sanitary since the end you'll be using is kept away from the bathroom wall. That way your unwashed hands are less likely to touch the wall while reaching for more paper. 


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