Have You ever Had "Dead Butt Syndrome?" - It's a Real Thing

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Here's a new health condition to worry about. And it's got a catchy name you won't forget. Did you suffer from DEAD BUTT SYNDROME last year?

Dead butt syndrome . . . or DBS . . . is when you experience pain, numbness, or tingling in and around your butt muscles. And it's usually from sitting too much.

Doctors have seen it a lot more since the pandemic hit because we've been less active. And we've also been working from the couch, which doesn't help.

Dead butt syndrome isn't a formal diagnosis. It's a catch-all term doctors use for various things that can make your butt feel like it's given up on you.

If it has ever felt like your butt fell asleep, that's kind of what DBS is like. But if it just happens once in a while, your butt is probably still alive and well.

If it happens a lot and lasts more than an hour or two, you might have a dead butt. But the good news is it's reversible, and preventable.

To reduce your risk for DBS, just stand up and stretch every 30 minutes. In general, more movement should help.

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