Here's a Few Things to Look Forward to in August 2021

15th Anniversary DVD Release Celebration Of "Field of Dreams"

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Sure, August is kind of the goodbye lap for summer, but there are still some things to look forward to... It's a new month, and for a lot of your kids it's back to school time! Here are some other things to look forward to in August:

1. So many new TV shows to watch this month: "Reservation Dogs" starts August 9th on Hulu . . . Marvel's new animated series "What If" is available August 11th on Disney+ . . . the season 8 premiere of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is August 12th on NBC . . . the tenth season of "American Horror Story" drops August 25th on FX . . . and the premiere of "Archer: Season 12" is August 25th on FXX or the next day on Hulu.

2. Movies: "The Suicide Squad" debuts August 6th on HBO Max . . . Val Kilmer's documentary "Val" also comes out August 6th, but on Amazon Prime . . . "Free Guy" starring Ryan Reynolds opens nationwide August 13th . . . Jennifer Hudson plays Aretha Franklin in "Respect" also opening on August 13th . . . and Jordan Peele's, "Candyman" premieres on August 27th.

3. As for sports, NFL Football doesn't start till September but I bet your fantasy football draft is this month . . . The Olympics wrap up on August 8th in Tokyo . . . and the Yankees play the White Sox in MLB's "Field of Dreams" game, which takes place on August 12th in Dyersville, Iowa.

4. And finally, the holidays! Here are a few you might want to mark on your calendar:

Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day . . . National Grab Some Nuts Day is tomorrow . . . International Beer Day is August 6th . . . National Women's Day is August 8th . . . National Bowling Day is August 14th . . . National Fajita Day is August 18th . . . Kobe Bryant Day is August 24th . . . and August 28th is National Red Wine Day.

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