GOOD VIBES - Son Pays Off Mom’s Mortgage after Pals Skip Bday Party

House models and coin in human hands, Mortgage concept by money house from the coins.

Photo: Getty Images

Every weekday Shawn Patrick sheds some light on some good news with His Good Vibes Story. Here is today's...

A woman who was heartbroken after her friends didn’t show up for her 60th birthday party was treated to an amazing surprise by her son. He shared a video of the birthday gift with his millions of followers on TikTok, where he goes by Coxy.

In the clip, he explains that he wanted to do something extra special to cheer up his mom. He shares that she was “okay” after being stood up at her own birthday party, but he knew she “deserved better.”

The video shows Coxy handing his mother an envelope with papers, asking her to read them out one by one. And the last one reveals the big present - he paid off her mortgage! His mom rushes to hug him and the caption reads, “This means so much to her.”

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