Should the Rockies Rename Dinger?

Pittsburgh Pirates v Colorado Rockies

Photo: Getty Images

For the record, I am a big Colorado Rockies fan, but I have always thought Dinger, the mascot, was kind of creepy. To me he is just a chubby, Barney-looking dinosaur with odd spots all over him like he has dinosaur chickenpox, and the only trick he has is spinning his head around (which is creepy in itself).

However, all of that aside, he's been in the news this week because the "racial slur" confusion that happened at Coors Field when a fan was yelling his name, but people thought he was saying something way worse.

Now the player who thought he was being called the racial slur says the Rockies should change Dingers name because it's too close to the word that it was mistaken for.

What do you think?

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