GOOD VIBES - Mama Dog Who Lost Entire Litter Adopts 10 Puppies Who Lost Mom

Litter of puppies in animal shelter. Australian Shepherds

Photo: Getty Images

Every weekday Shawn Patrick sheds some light on some good news with His Good Vibes Story. Here is today's...

Tragedy struck at a Minnesota animal rescue, but volunteers came up with a solution they call “nothing short of a miracle.” Ruff Start Rescue says a mama dog named Poppy unexpectedly passed away just after giving birth to 10 puppies. The large litter had volunteers scrambling to give the motherless pups their best chance at survival.

Dog foster mom Lexi Johnson says she and others were up all night bottle feeding the puppies, which took an hour and a half each time. And then they heard about another tragedy: Mama dog Pepper had given birth to a large litter of puppies and they all died. The Johnsons took Pepper in as well and tried putting the puppies with her.

They brought her into the puppy room and she immediately sat next to the litter. Johnson placed the puppies around her and she soon laid down and the babies instinctively made their way over to her and started nursing. Within five minutes, she had accepted them all and they were all nursing. Johnson says, “She’s been nothing short of an amazing miracle.”

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