Hey Costco, Where the Heck is Your Toilet Paper?!

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I LOVE Costco. For the first time in years I actually kind of look forward to shopping, but the warehouse superstore has kind of let me down the last couple of trips... They haven't had toilet paper again!

I went last week when we started getting low, and nothing, so I figured I'd go back in a few days and they'd be restocked... WRONG! I went again last night, and all they had was the industrial stuff. You know, the huge rolls that don't fit on the dispenser in your house, and it's the awful 1-ply too. I got some, because I had to have something, but where is the good stuff?

I guess I am not alone either. Yahoo just did a story about this being a problem nationwide.

Come on, Costco, I really don't want to have to try Sam's!

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