Hot Dogs Shorten Your 'Healthy Life' By A Lot Every Time You Eat One

holding a traditional hot dog in the hand

Photo: Getty Images

Hang on a second. I'm just counting up all the hot dogs I've had this summer . . .

A new study at the University of Michigan found that every hot dog you eat shortens your "healthy life" by an average of 36 MINUTES.

By "healthy life," they mean the years where you're fairly healthy in general, and aren't dealing with chronic illnesses or disabilities.

They looked at over 5,000 different foods and came up with a number for each one.

For example, burgers and macaroni-and-cheese both shorten your healthy life by about five minutes. But the good news is you can also ADD time.

Opting for a handful of cashews can extend your healthy years by 26 minutes.

Other things that do it include fruits, vegetables, and seafood. And this one's surprising . . . but peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches can also add time.

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