GOOD VIBES - Community Support Pours In For Homeless Man With Parkinson’s

Lonely homeless person with paper figure lying on street missing home and family

Photo: Getty Images

Every weekday Shawn Patrick sheds some light on some good news with His Good Vibes Story. Here is today's...

Luck is changing for a Colorado man with Parkinson’s disease who’s been living in his truck off and on for eight years after a chance encounter with a stranger. Craig Pitts met Chandra Proch while he was standing with his dog, Ninja, and a sign asking for help at a shopping center in Aurora. Chandra went to McDonald’s to grab some food for Craig and what happened next made her want to do more.

As she left, she looked back and saw him “kneeling down and giving thanks and feeding the dog and that just made me start crying,” Chandra explains. So she posted about Craig and Ninja on Nextdoor and offers of help started rolling in. Someone paid for them to stay in a hotel and another person made a dog bed for Ninja to sleep on. And a GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $13-thousand to help him get back on his feet.

“I just thank God for what has happened to me,” Craig said through tears. “It's so hard for me to believe that someone would do that for another person.”

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