There's Now Pumpkin Spice... TURKEY!

Preparing a Turkey Sandwich

Photo: Getty Images

The latest thing to get "pumpkin spiced"? Turkey.

Honey Baked Ham is back with, for a limited time, pumpkin spice glazed turkey breast on its menu. You can try it as part of the chain's Winner Winner Turkey Dinner meal, too, complete with two sides and dinner rolls.

Honey Baked Ham did do their research before deciding to throw some fall flavor on their poultry, though. With the help of OnePoll, the restaurant found that:

65% of Americans wants their pumpkin spice flavors from August through October

A diehard 15% want the flavor available to them the entire year.

30% of those polled said they would give up social media for a month in order to keep pumpkin spice flavored products around all year long while 28% said they'd shave their head for it.

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