Jeff Bezos is Reportedly Interested in Buying the Broncos, Numbers are Nuts


Photo: Getty Images

Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame is the richest man in the world, so he can basically buy anything he wants, and it sounds like he might want the Denver Broncos...

We could talk for days about whether that would be good for the team, the fans, or even the league, but I want to talk straight numbers for now because they're insane!

Joe Pompliano Tweeted this; "Jeff Bezos is rumored to be interested in buying the Denver Broncos, per @byajperez. The team is currently valued at ~$4 billion, which is only about 2% of his net worth — or equal to the median American family spending less than $2,500."

In other words Jeff Bezos thinking about buying the Broncos is like me or you thinking about buying a Peloton!!!

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