Someone Stole an Iconic Phone Booth in Colorado, and They Want it Back

Old Phone Booth

Photo: Getty Images

There are probably people reading this who don't even know what a phone booth is. They are now that uncommon that one in a small Colorado town became it's landmark. Sadly, someone stole it, and now the town really wants it back!

According to UPI;

Cope residents Vickie Cecil and Lanny Payne said the phone booth was a major landmark in the town of about 56 people for some 50 years.
The booth, in its functioning years, originally sat outside of a Conoco gas station, but later became an ornamental feature of Memorial Park when the station closed.
The residents said the booth didn't have phone service, but often drew travelers who would pose for photos.
Residents said the theft has been reported to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

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