Kacey Musgraves Confirms She Was Indeed Naked on ‘SNL'

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I get nervous when I forget my towel and have to walk naked around the house, that maybe the neighbors might see me. I cannot imagine purposely being naked on national T.V., but I am not Kasey Musgraves!

She made headlines over the weekend when she appeared to go naked during her performance for Saturday Night Live and now her publicist has confirmed she really was wearing nothing.

The newly divorced Musgraves, 33, performed her song “Justified” while sitting on a stool with just a guitar covering up her body. The only thing she wore for the performance was cowboy boots! She indeed was NAKED!

Her rep just confirmed what we all thought. “She was nude,” her rep told Variety. “Precautions were taken, and this was the first time it’s happened on the show.”

This nude moment lands Kacey in the SNL history books as the first performer to go nude during their performance.

Her rep says that a sheet shielded her from the audience while the performance was being set up.

Here's the performance...

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