There's a Boxed Wine Halloween Costume That Actually Dispenses Wine

Franzia Crisp White Box Wine 5L

Lots of brands, from Taco Bell to Cheez-It, have launched an online merch shop and Franzia, the brand known for their boxed wine, has done the same. Theirs debuted last fall and at the time, their signature item was a backpack designed to hold and dispense a box of wine. Well, now they’ve added some Halloween costumes to the shop and one of them has a trick up its sleeve.

Thanks to Franzia, adults can now dress up like a box of wine that actually pours wine. The costume's design features an internal side pouch that can hold a full bag of Franzia and the wearer can dispense it while dressed as a human box of Franzia. For $40 you get your choice of Franzia Dark Red Blend and Franzia Rich & Buttery Chardonnay and the costumes come with glow-in-the dark text on the box.

Collin Cooney, Franzia’s marketing director says the costume was inspired by their fans, who they call “Franz,” that have been making homemade wine box costumes for years. “The new Franzia costumes make you the life of the party,” he says, “just like an actual box of Franzia.”

Get one here.

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