Anti-Fart Bedsheets Are Now Something You Can Buy

Couple hiding under sheets

Photo: Getty Images

Here's a good Christmas gift for your gassy significant other . . . or, buying it for yourself might be the REAL gift. A company in the U.K. is now selling anti-flatulence BEDSHEETS.

The company Shreddies already sells fart-mitigating underwear. Now they've added two bedding products: An undersheet that your regular sheets go on top of . . . and a "Flatulence Filtering Duvet Cover" to keep your nighttime emissions trapped. (If used for evil, it also sounds like the most brutal Dutch oven ever.)

Both options use the same technology as the underwear they sell. Carbon fibers absorb the flatulence, then neutralize it. A king size undersheet costs about $160, plus shipping. The duvet cover is $260. You can check them out at

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