GOOD VIBES - Janitor Saves Doctor He Found “Unresponsive” On Hospital Floor

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A hospital janitor was in the right place at the right time to help save a doctor’s life at an Alexandria, Minnesota, hospital. Dr. Amos Szajner, an anesthesiologist with Alomere Health, says he was feeling some flu-like symptoms and wanted to run some tests on himself at the hospital where he works. That evening, Kendal Hofstad, a custodian at Alomere was making his rounds collecting garbage when he noticed "some scrubs that were laying on the floor" in that same wing of the hospital. When he went to investigate further, he found Dr. Szajner “unresponsive” on the floor.

Hofstad immediately called for help and hospital staff started CPR on Szajner, who was later found to have suffered a major blood clot. After 12 minutes of CPR, the doctor was airlifted 70 miles to CentraCare - St. Cloud Hospital. Dr. Daniel James Tiede, a cardiologist with that hospital says that Szajner had a life-threatening blood clot on one of his main arteries and "was initially showing very serious signs of brain injury and heart injury.”

Fortunately, Tiede was able to get Szajner stabilized. Surgery was performed to put a stent in the affected artery and a tiny pump in Szajner’s heart. After a few days, he was doing much better and has since made a full recovery. Dr. Szajner is now back at work and is grateful for all the help he’s received. “God has been so great and gracious and blessed my family to have me be around,” he says. “I just feel like every day is a present, it’s his gift.”

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