Pumpkin Carving Hack: Use a Power Drill to Hollow Out Your Pumpkin

Unrecognizable Woman Carving Pumpkin

Photo: Getty Images

Pumpkin carving is fun, but scooping the goop from the inside is never anyone's favorite part. So, if you just want to get to the actual carving as fast as possible, this'll help . . .

There's a pumpkin hack making the rounds on social media that lets you hollow them out a lot faster.

Normally, you have to cut the top open. Then you scoop all the seeds and other gunk out with a spoon, or your hands. A lot of people find that part gross.

But it's less of a mess and a whole lot faster if you use a POWER DRILL.

You'll also need a power mixer, or at least an egg beater attachment from one. Just take one of those . . . put it in a power drill like a drill bit . . . and go to town.

It'll scrape down the inside of your pumpkin out a lot faster. And when you turn the pumpkin over, everything should fall right out.

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