Sadie's Cannagea Holiday Gift Guide

Merry Christmas! I'm still doing some last minute shopping, luckily Cannagea has some perfect stocking stuffers! Here's my Top 5 List.....

#1- CBD Living- 150mg Full Spectrum Loose Leaf CBD Tea- This is the perfect solution for the stresses of life. Relaxing and delicious!

#2- VitaDreamz Sleep and Dream Gummies- For some reason having a job, 3 kids, a husband (sometimes I count him as my 4th kid) and that one time a gate agent at the airport said to me "Have a nice flight" and I replied with "you too", combine all of those things and sleeping can be pretty hit or miss. These gummies will send you off to dreamland no matter how many cringey memories you might be keeping you up at night.

#3- ANY CBD Drops in the store! A few drops under the tongue will keep the anxiety away and instantly calm your mind. I like to put a few drops in my morning coffee!

#4- CBD Butter is perfect for achey joints and dry skin. I use this product every night before bed and it works wonders!

#5- Full Spectrum Bath Bombs. This is the gift that's perfect for anyone on your Christmas list! The bath bombs at Cannagea will calm your body in the most relaxing way. I'm addicted!

That's my top 5 Cannagea gift giving guide! Be sure to stop by Cannagea in Fort Collins for all of your last minute shopping.

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