Planters Is Hiring New Drivers for Its Nutmobile

Frank Thomas & Mr. Peanut Surprise Softball Team Celebrate Four New Peanut Flavors

Photo: Getty Images

Is your New Year's resolution to find a different job? Well, here's a weird one: Planters is l ooking to hire three new people to drive around in its NUTMOBILE. It's like the Wienermobile, but shaped like a peanut.

The job starts in July, and you have to commit to a full year of driving all over the country. You're also not just a driver. The job involves planning events at different stops around the country . . . and "performing in character" and "in costume." So it sounds like you might get to be Mr. Peanut.

It's not clear how much the gig pays, but it's 40 hours a week. They say their ideal candidate is a recent college grad with a degree in sales or marketing . . . strong communication skills . . . an "appetite for adventure" . . . and a valid driver's license. To apply, submit a 30-second video explaining why you're a good fit at

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