Oreo Cakesters Are Coming Back for the First Time in a Decade

Photo: Nabisco

Why does this kind of stuff always seem to popup around New Years Resolution season?!

Nabisco is giving us a blast from the past with the return of Oreo Cakesters.

Oreo Cakesters feature a pair of soft-baked chocolate snack cakes sandwiching a classic creme filling.

To celebrate the return on (Friday, Jan. 7) Oreo did an epic takeover of the only place in the US where it still feels like the mid-2000s: The Last Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon. Blockbuster fans in Oregon were greeted with a larger-than-life exterior co-branded marquee, Oreo Cakesters-themed movie posters, and free samples of Oreo Cakesters delivered in retro VHS-inspired packaging.

The rest of us can find Oreo Cakesters starting this week at stores nationwide.

There's also releasing a new Nutter, Butter Cakester. They'll feature soft-baked outer cookies and creme filling in the center, with Oreo creme in the former and peanut butter creme in the latter.

Do you remember Oreo Cakesters?

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