What's up With All the Stupid People?

It's been another 7 days, which means another edition of "What's up With all the Stupid People?" You guys, I'm asking super nice here. Can we please stop with the pyrotechnic baby gender reveals? It's f****** stupid. This weeks edition of SPN (Stupid People News) we head to California where a a gender reveal party stunt has now cost someone 7,000 acres of land. If any of that land belongs to John Dutton your ass is going to the train station for sure. SEVEN THOUSAND ACRES, and all because a couple wanted some thirsty Insta pics. Here's what happened. A dude and his wife decided to craft a ghetto "smoke generating pyrotechnic device". How Hillbilly dip-s*** could you be. California firefighters are already a little busy, and this stunt caused more than 500 of them to be deployed.

Message to all gender reveal people with dangerous, home made rockets and s***- No one really cares what kind of baby you're having. There's a 50/50 chance either way, so that already makes the game not very exciting. The last thing I want to do on my day off is go to my husbands cousins house to find out something I'll already find out in a few months. Here's a fun fact- The doctor can just tell you. BAM! I just saved your arm from being blown off. Mazeltov!

See ya next week.


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