Boeing Says Flying Taxis Should Hit the Market by the Early 2030's

Document: Getty Images

Aviation company Boeing announced on Monday (January 24) that it's investing almost a half-billion more dollars into its sky taxi startup Wisk Aero, to bring the first self-flying air taxi to the market before the start of the 2030s.

There are a number of other similar companies and air vehicle prototypes in development, but Boeing said its focus with Wisk Aero is to introduce the first autonomous air taxi.

Electric air taxis, sometimes misidentified as “flying cars,” are essentially small helicopters without the noisy, polluting gasoline engines. These air taxis are intended for short flights in a city or region. Analysts predict the flying taxi market could reach $150 billion in revenue by 2035.

The Federal Aviation Administration has not yet certified any eVTOL for commercial operation, and some experts expect it will take a few years to certify that the new aircraft are safe for passengers.

Are you down to travel on these self-driving air taxis?

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