A Guy Lost His Nipples After Spraying Axe Body Spray on Them

Man with hand on chest

Photo: Getty Images

You learn something new every day. Like that THIS is possible?

A 19-year-old student at the University of Liverpool is going viral after telling the story of how Axe Body Spray supposedly made his NIPPLES FALL OFF. And now he'll never have nipples again. He says it happened in high school when he was 15, and there was a dare involved.

He was in the locker room when a friend dared him to empty two full cans of Axe Body Spray by letting them blast his nipples with it.  (Technically, it was Lynx Body Spray, which is the brand name Axe uses in England.)

The point was to see if he could take the COLD. Spray deodorant comes out cold because it's under pressure in the can. And he didn't think it would be bad, but it was.

He toughed it out and finished the dare by letting them empty both cans of body spray directly onto his chest. But then the friend decided to flick his very frigid nipples . . . and they BROKE OFF.  

He says they were bloody at first, but posted a photo of what one looks like now, four years later. It's darker than you'd expect for his skin tone. And it's basically flat. So it looks like the cold burned them off, and now it's a weird, dark scar. 

He thinks it's funny though, and says he has no regrets. 

(Here's the photo.)

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