Here's All of This Year's Performers/Presenters at the Rocky Mnt. CMA Show

The Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards 2022 are just over a week away at Greeley, Colorado's Union Colony Civic Center. Not only will the night be special for a couple of handfuls of deserving winners, the night will also be special for all in attendance as we have a star-studded lineup of performers, presenters, and special guests!

Here is who we have lined up, with more to be announced later...

  • Aaron Goodvin 
  • Ace Montgomery 
  • American Young 
  • Austin Wahlert 
  • Caitlin Quisenberry 
  • Chancey Williams 
  • Christopher Charles Romero 
  • Christopher Thomas
  • Clare Dunn 
  • Clayton Smalley  
  • Cody Cozz 
  • Country Kickup Line Dancers   
  • Craig and Mindy Campbell 
  • Double Wide
  • D.J. Bridwell 
  • Ed McCaffery  
  • French Accent 
  • Gary McMahan 
  • Greeley Mayor, John Gates  
  • Josh Koschel 
  • Kayla Ruby 
  • Kody Lostroh  
  • Ned LeDoux 
  • Ruthie Collins 
  • Scott and Sadie 
  • Shawn Patrick  
  • Stephanie Quayle  
  • Teagan Joseph 
  • The Ryan Beyer Experience 
  • Tommy O’ Keeffe 
  • War Hippies 

Grab tickets to the show here.

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