'Maury' has Been Canceled After 31 Seasons

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Photo: Getty Images

Wisemen say, "you don't know what you've got until it's gone," and I am feeling that today. I haven't watched "Maury" in a decade, but hearing it's going away has me kind of sad.

"Maury" has been canceled after 31 seasons. Seriously, 31. The show debuted in 1991 as "The Maury Povich Show", then became "Maury" in 1998.

Maury always dealt in salacious topics, but unlike JERRY SPRINGER, he tried to fake a certain air of gravitas and nobility... at least for a hot minute. Then came the lie detectors and paternity tests, and all that was pretty much out the window.

So what's next for Maury? NOTHING. He's retiring. He's 83 years old.

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