Coors Field Unveils Three New Menu Items for the Upcoming Rockies Season

Coors Field

Photo: Getty Images

Colorado Rockies baseball starts Friday, and we've gotten pretty used to enjoying all the things about baseball games at Coors Field that don't involve our team actually winning... Sad but true! Today Coors Field and their food vendor, Aramark unveiled their food offerings for the 2022 season.

There are three new items for the upcoming season. Two are pretty standard, the other is a little out in left field...

Elvis Shake

It includes crème de banana, soft serve ice cream, peanut butter sauce, Cracker Jacks and candied bacon.

This concoction will be sold at the Helton Burger Shack in Section 153.

Denver Steak & Cheese Fries

This sandwich combines chopped sirloin, white queso sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, steak sauce, pepper and onion blend, chopped scallions and fries.

It's available at Stands 134, 218, 243 and 330.

Louisiana Red Hot Chicken Sandwich

This includes spicy fried chicken breast, pickles, mayonnaise, a Louisiana Hot Sauce mix, lettuce, tomato and Louisiana bacon on a bun.

Get it at Stands 125, 144, 226, 239, 306 and 323.

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