Lululemon Will Now Buy Back Your Used, Sweaty Clothes to Re-Sell

Plastic athletic mannequin lower bodies posing with yoga pants

Photo: Getty Images

Lululemon workout clothes are NOT cheap, so they've announced an exciting new opportunity: You can save money by purchasing a USED item that some stranger has already done 150 yoga sessions in.

Over the past year, they've tested a re-sale program for used clothing, and now they're expanding it to all their stores and online.

Here's how it works: They're offering to buy back used products in exchange for Lululemon store credit. The money you get varies based on what you turn in, and the condition of those items.

Expect to get around 5% of the purchase price . . . so roughly $5 for tank tops, shirts, and shorts . . . $10 for hoodies, sweatshirts, and pants . . . and $25 for coats and jackets. They're not accepting swimsuits and undergarments.

The secondhand items will be thoroughly inspected and cleaned before they're re-sold, and they'll be graded as either "good as new" or "gently used." The prices for used items will depend on condition, but don't expect steep discounts. Most of the used stuff on their website is still LESS THAN 50% OFF the new price.

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