There is a Shot Glass Worth $10,000 Likely Hidden in Colorado

shot glass of strong alcohol whisky isolated on white bakcground

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No promises this is in Colorado, but it sure sounds like it might be!

Denver-based TINCUP Whisky has been hosting a treasure hunt over the last few weeks and their latest round of clues seem to point to a golden shot glass worth a $10,000 cash prize to be hidden in Colorado.

According to Out There Colorado:

The company has partnered with three different 'hiders,' placing three golden shot glasses on various trails around the country for hikers to find. After the cup is hidden, clues are periodically released until the cup is found, representing a $10,000 cash prize to be delivered to the finder.
The first cup was found in Texas and the second cup was found in California, with the latest clues pointing to Colorado as the location of the third and final hidden cup.
As far as the Colorado cup goes, it was hidden by athlete Caite Zeliff, a skier dubbed the 'Inaugural Queen of Corbet's' in 2018. A short clip of Zeliff posted on social media shows her getting the cup in a hotel room, along with directions for hiding it. While clues about the specific trail where the cup is headed, or even the town she is in, are not revealed, a few details were released.

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