75-Year-Old Colorado Vet Rides Bike Across the Country to Help Fellow Vets

Cyclist on path by sea at sunset

Photo: Getty Images

The world needs more good news, and more people like this... A veteran from Berthoud, Colorado is back home after he finished a cross-country bike ride at 75 years old for a great cause.

According to 9News:

Bill Wallace served in the Army, and wanted to raise awareness about vets who are struggling.
"I hope maybe I could make a difference in some people's lives," he said.
Wallace wanted to help by doing something bold. He pedaled from California to New Jersey in less than 70 days. For over 3,000 miles, he encouraged others to donate to organizations that look out for vets.
He began his trip in May and finished on July 7.
"Being a veteran, it bothered me just the number of veterans that are struggling," he said. "Perhaps through this ride I could raise funds to support veterans."
This ride was personal. He served during the Vietnam era -- a time when people didn't treat veterans very well. But on this trip, people across the country showed appreciation for his service and mission.
Wallace asked supporters to donate to the organizations listed on his website. He hopes to see every dollar go toward groups that focus on seniors and mental health services.

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