Carly Pearce Remembers The Phone Call To Her Mom After Writing This Song

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Carly Pearce couldn’t help but get emotional during a recent performance when the crowd loudly sang every lyric of “What He Didn’t Do” back to the award-winning country artist.

Pearce shared an audio recording on TikTok, reflecting on the day she wrote the heartache song. “I called my mom when I left the write to read her the lyrics. I knew it was special,” Pearce remembered in her caption. The roughly one-minute clip features Pearce singing her now-famous breakup song, accompanied only by a piano:

“I'm already halfway over him and I ain't taking time to turn around/ So I'ma take the high road, even though we both know/ I could run him out of this town/ That's just dirty laundry, I don't need to wear the truth/ So I ain't gonna tell you everything he did/ But I'll tell you what he didn't do
“Treat me right, put me first, be a man of his word/ Stay home 'cause he wanted to/ Always fight for my love, hold on tight like it's something/ That he couldn't stand to lose/ The devil's in the details, I won't tell the hell that he put me through/ All I know is in the end, it wasn't what he did, no/ It was what he didn't do.”

“What He Didn’t Do” is one of 15 tracks included on Pearce’s smash-hit album, 29: Written in Stone. The collection also includes Pearce’s powerful duet with Ashley McBryde, “Never Wanted To Be That Girl,” and upbeat breakup anthems like “Next Girl” and “Diamondback.”

“Life goes on. You KNOW that when you’re reeling…feeling like the fool and so hurt... but then there’s a moment when those emotions start to clear,” Pearce wrote in her caption on Instagram when she released the song as a single. “That’s when you look in the mirror and you ask yourself what happened and try to learn from your mistakes. That’s where ‘What He Didn’t Do’ came from. To me, it’s really a song of hope and trying to get smarter before moving forward.”

Pearce will be performing during the 2022 Daytime Stage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on September 24th. Fans can tune in to stream live via iHeartMedia radio stations throughout the country across more than 150 markets, and watch via an exclusive national television broadcast special on The CW Network in October. Find available tickets here.

Listen to the full song here:

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