Mickey Guyton Aims To Figure Out 'How You Love Someone'

Photo: Getty Images

Mickey Guyton seeks to determine what it means to love someone in her heartfelt new ballad that she debuted on Friday (October 7). Guyton said her latest release is “such a special song to me” as fans started to listen to it. “How You Love Someone” quickly earned praise from Guyton’s fans and others, including Karen Fairchild, Lori McKenna and more.

“I wanna know how it sounds/ When the words are coming out of your mouth/ And your heart has finally figured it out/ I wanna know how it feels/ When you feel it and the feeling is real/ If it's a matchstick minute or forever burning like the sun/ Baby, I wanna know how you love somеone”

“How You Love Someone” marks Guyton’s latest song since she shared “Somethin’ Bout You” earlier this year. I had such an amazing time writing this with [Tyler Hubbard] and David Garcia,” Guyton shared at the time. “This song just has a fun vibe and is about being enamored with everything about your partner. I just LOVE love and hope that when you listen to it, it reminds you of that special someone.”

Last year, Guyton released her debut LP, Remember Her Name. The 16-track project included an-favorites like the title track, “All American,” “Love My Hair,” “Black Like Me” and more. Listen to Guyton’s new song, “How You Love Someone,” here:

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