Chicken shortage: Blame it on the Rooster!

Oh sure - you've heard about the "chicken shortage" and I'll bet you just assumed it was all because of those dreaded "chicken wars" we are tired of seeing and hearing about between our favorite fast food restaurants, but that's not the real reason! Well, not according to meat processor Tyson. Tyson says it's roosters are to blame!

Apparently the chicken processing giant has switched up it's roosters and well...they just aren't getting things done with the chicks! Reports are that they changed out the male birds and have experienced an "unexpected decline in hatchings earlier this year because of the type of roosters it used."(Source: Greensboro News & Record)

Now - the reality is that the Chicken Sandwich wars have put a dent in the supply as well as the hard hit that Texas took from the weather in February.